Trends of artificial intelligence (AI) in 2021 

Recent years have witnessed significant growth in the AI field and its applications in several areas. The expected size of the AI market is to reach 266.92 billion $ US by 2027.

1-AI Ethics:

  • It is meant by it, organizing the moral behavior of humans when designing, building, and using intelligent objects (robots). For example, technical giants companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook have settled an ethical framework to build these systems according to regulations, including transparency, clarity of data, and interpretability.

2- AI is built based on interpretation and providing a detailed explanation of the working mechanism, 

  • which is done by machine learning algorithms, and AI models to reach the purpose of building the model. Such as giving the future sales prediction of a particular product or anticipating the diagnosis of a specific disease. It is a trend that has recently raised a lot of arguments due to a strong presence of a competitive market. The companies do not want to reveal all their operations to the public and interested parties.

‏3-Predictive analytics: 

  • It helps companies to identify consumer trends for a better understanding of consumer behavior by collecting their personal data and preferences to take advantage of it for the long term.

4-Emotional AI is considered one of the most popular AI trends in 2021

  • It works on sensing, learning, and interacting with many human emotions, such as; analyzing the consumer’s verbal and non-verbal signals by using different methods such as cameras and chatbots to analyze consumer’s comments and evaluations on the provided products and services.

‏5-Virtual reality and augmented reality techniques have been providing unique experiences to consumers and industries worldwide in recent years

  • An example of this technique is the I K E A mobile app, which could be used to find out if a particular piece of furniture will fit a specific room space in the house.

‏6- Computer vision techniques

  •  They are used to analyze human postures and movements, track people and vehicles to collect data, and analyze videos with the help of high-tech cameras, for example, the applications that depend on, analyzing, managing the crowds, and human gatherings like when it occurs during the Hajj season.

7- Usage of advanced robots:

  • The use of advanced robots has become apparent in many fields, such as using them in manufacturing and supervising the quality of factories products worldwide. Besides, it has become prominent in using them to perform complex surgeries recently.

8-AI in the internet of things (IOT):

  • The appearance of G 5 networks played a crucial role in the prominence of this technique. For example, Smart devices such as smartwatches and the devices installed on refrigerators and home lighting systems can improve the quality of life for consumers by collecting and analyzing data and making efficient and brilliant decisions based on the collected data without any human intervention.

‏9-AI in Cyber Security: 

  • This integration created a more advanced and solid defense against malicious cyber-attacks such as ransomware, viruses, etc. AI can detect any unusual activity in existing systems and alert administrators immediately.


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